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All orders must be submitted in writing and orders will not be processed unless they contain all necessary information for the production. Orders with out all required information will be held in our sales office until the necessary information is supplied and will not be schedueled into production until that time. It is the customer's responsibility to check the accuracy of each and every order acknowledgement sent by the factory.

We will execute your order as written and do not accept any responsibility for errors on the customer's part. We will, of course, make every effort to find inadvertent errors in your order , but do not accept any responsibility for orders being processed incorrectly as a result of customer error.

Please note that all orders will be acknowledged with an estimated lead time which does not include the time elapsed in gathering pertinent information from the customer regarding the order. Our production cycle starts when the order is entered and will not be entered until all the necessary information for production and delivery is furnished to our sales office, including delivery of C.O.M. to our L'Islet (Quebec) Canada Manufacturing plant and offices.

New accounts

Wire information for transfering funds can be provided by calling the Amisco Contract Sales Office at (800) 361-6360

We Accept Visa & Master Card.
Amisco is charged 4.5% and this charge is added to the total payment made.


All pricing is F.O.B. L'Islet (Quebec) Canada.
All pricing is C.O.M. Customers own material.

Funds & fabric shipping information

Please forward to the following address.


Amisco Industries Ltd.
Att‘n: Contract Division
33, 5e Rue L'Islet
(Quebec), Canada
G0R 2C0


Amisco Industries Ltd.
Att‘n: Contract Division
33, 2e Rue L'Islet
(Quebec), Canada
G0R 2C0

Minimum orders

For orders less than $2000 net, a set-up/handling fee of $50.00 will be charged Orders under $1000 must be paid in full with order.

C.O.M. Customers Own Material
C.O.M. includes a $50 upcharge for each style/different fabric used within the entire order.

Terms & conditions

Production will not begin on any item requiring any type of fabric, C.O.M. by the purchaser until all the materials for the item ordered have arrived, been identified and inspected. The purchaser is responsible for ensuring that all materials are identifiable when received. The purchaser takes responsibility for the wear-ability, safety, or fire code validity of the materials supplied by the purchaser. AMISCO takes no responsibility for the selection of the customers materials chosen. AMISCO warranties do not extend to the customers materials supplied by the purchaser.

Yardage based upon a 54" wide roll. Yardage is approximate and we will not be held responsible if additional yardage is required. Acknowledged ship dates are dependent upon the timely receipt of C.O.M. Delays in receiving the C.O.M. will result in the rescheduling of production. All C.O.M. must be shipped prepaid and clearly marked with your company name and purchase order number. Customer is reponsible for freight charges for material.

We accept no responsibility for costs incurred or replacement material if the mill sends the incorrect fabric. All C.O.M. used on Amisco Products with sewn seams must have acrylic or equivalent backing. ACT standards Association of Contract Textiles. Amisco will not be responsible for any C.O.M. product with sewn seams if the C.O.M. is not ACT approved with an acrylic or equivalent backing. AMISCO does not warrant quality, wearability, or workability of materials supplied by the customer (C.O.M) We maintain the right to refuse the use of any customer supplied material that is not suitable due to pattern, stretch, weight or workability Directional or striped fabric will be upholstered vertically (up and down, front to back) unless order specifies horizontally. Add 20% Minimum Additional Yardage for Matching. For an accurate determination of yardage please provide double of the price list C.O.M. yardage for each product and request the C.O.M. yardage specifications for a determined quantity. Product is built in conformance with CTB 117, when fabrics supplied by Amisco Product is not built in conformance with CTB 133, unless otherwise specified and quoted.


Upholstery: All upholstery fabrics are subject only to the warranty offered by the respective upholstery mills, and are not covered by the standard AMISCO limited Warranty. Cuts or tears detected after signing for receipt of upholstered products are not covered. Laminates: All Laminates for table top surfaces are subject to warranty offered by the respective manufacturer only. Wood veneer table tops are not warrantied by AMISCO against marring or scratching. Wood Veneer tips cannot be sanded or refinished. AMISCO CONTRACT reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice, to prices, models, materials, colors and specifications. Product Specifications / Dimensions and changes All seating dimensions shown in sales literature are approximate. Due to various fabric buildup, widths can vary as much as 3/4". Table dimensions are nominal +/- 1/2". We assume no responsibility for overall dimensions unless specific limitations are clearly spelled out on the purchase order. 5 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY "Here is where we put our standard warranty"

5 year limited warranty

AMISCO hereby warrants the welding and metal structure of its products for a period of five (5) years of indoor commercial or institutional use. Wood products and table tops have a one (1) year limited warranty. Table tops, wood and metal products are warranted against damages caused by material and workmanship defects, occurring during a normal use and under the conditions for which the products are designed.

Among other things, this warranty excludes decorative features, upholstered seats and backrests, mattresses, support panels for mattresses, glass components, glides and other accessories. This warranty does not apply to defects resulting from improper use, care or assembly, from unauthorized repair or alteration or from negligence. Warranty does not cover variations in surface materials (ex: matching grains, color and textures across different substrates or lots).

Under this warranty, AMISCO will, at its discretion, repair or replace the defective part at no cost during the first year, except for transportation, handling and shipping costs which will be charged to the purchaser. After the first year, the cost of replacement components is 1/5 of their price times the number of years of use, plus handling and shipping. The replacement parts are included in this warranty for the remainder of the original warranty period.

This is a limited warranty, any defect not specifically covered herein is excluded. Where allowed under the law, AMISCO disclaims liability for all special, incidental and consequential damages.

Claims and merchandise returns

All warranty claims must be sent in writing to AMISCO together with the original or photocopy of the original purchase receipt. AMISCO reserves the right to ascertain the basis for a request and to demand justification pieces. Defective merchandise may not be returned until receipt of AMISCO'S written authorization and shipping instructions are given. AMISCO reserves the right to replace merchandise deemed defective with similar merchandise of same value if original merchandise is no longer available.

Paint finishes

All AMISCO metal furniture are powder coated, which provides a durable and environmental friendly finish for indoor use. The normal wear of the paint finish is not covered by this warranty.

Semi-transparent finishes (Harley and Oxidado)

AMISCO'S unique finishes assure you that no two pieces will ever be identical since through these finishes you are able to see details such as welding lines, sanding and other techniques bearing the touch of AMISCO'S many skilled metal craftsmen. A certain amount of discoloration of the steel in various spots is a natural occurrence in this process and should not be considered a defect.

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